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Lawn Aeration In Winnipeg

In Winnipeg, growing a beautiful, healthy lawn takes more than mowing, watering, and fertilizing; our compacted clay soils make it difficult for most lawns to absorb nutrients. To fix that problem, you need lawn aeration.

Here at All Around Property Maintenance, we offer lawn aeration services in Winnipeg. Lawn aeration allows nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil to be absorbed by your lawn’s roots, promoting healthy growth all season long. 

What Is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is the process of putting holes in your lawn; the goal of aeration is to create space for nutrients and water to flow into the roots of your lawn and to make space for those roots to grow. 

How Lawn Aeration Works

Soil becomes compacted over time. Here in Winnipeg, we have dense clay-based soils, which are particularly prone to becoming compacted; aeration is essential for lawns in Winnipeg.

When soil is compacted, air, water, and nutrients can have a hard time reaching the roots of your grass. To solve the problem, we use a core aerator (sometimes called a plug aerator). The core aeration process is simple: Our aerator punches small holes into the soil, pulling up small plugs of soil as it moves. The plugs are left on top of the lawn so that they break down; this way, the lawn doesn’t lose any of the soil’s vital nutrients. 

Core aeration is the most effective form of lawn aeration; it helps reduce soil compaction while providing a natural layer of topsoil, which can help decompose your lawn’s thatch layer. 

Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn

Core aeration serves several practical purposes:

  • It helps reduce soil compaction.
  • It helps grass roots get nutrients by creating holes in compacted soil.
  • It can help eliminate thatch.
  • It promotes healthy root growth.

Aeration is extremely beneficial; it’s an essential part of lawn care in Winnipeg. Our soil is prone to compacting, and the Kentucky bluegrass and creeping fescues that make up many of our lawns are prone to developing a thick thatch layer.

Core aeration mitigates both of these problems and leaves you with a healthy lawn. Want a beautiful lawn? Annual aeration can help you reach your goals. 

How Often You Should Aerate Your Lawn

While aeration is an important part of lawn care, it’s not like mowing your lawn; you don’t need to do it too often. We recommend you take advantage of our aeration services once or twice a year for a healthier lawn.

There are typically two aeration seasons: Spring and fall.

Spring lawn care is all about removing dead grass, eliminating compacted soil, and giving your healthy grass the best chance of absorbing nutrients. You want to ensure your grass is healthy enough before aerating, as the holes can damage weak or dry lawns. It’s best to aerate your grass after the first few mows and after there’s been some rainfall.

For those who want to take advantage of our lawn aeration service twice a year, we recommend aeration in the autumn as well as the spring. The thatch layer tends to be thickest in the fall, and the warm days and cool nights provide ample water and nutrients for lawn growth. Leaving your lawn as healthy as possible before winter makes lawn care that much easier the next spring.

What To Do After Aeration

There are a few lawn care services you might want to consider after core aeration: Fertilizing and overseeding after aeration can help nutrients and new grass seeds reach deeper into the soil.

You’ll also want to continue watering your lawn after aeration; wait a few days before mowing your lawn to give it time to recover. You’ll also want to avoid walking on your lawn for a few days after aeration, if possible.

Finally, leave the soil cores that were pulled up from the aeration process to decompose; they’re rich in nutrients that can help you grow a healthy, green lawn. 

Why Choose All Around Property Maintenance

All Around Property Maintenance has been in business for a decade; in that time, we’ve helped thousands of Winnipeggers improve the look and health of their lawns. We’re a top-rated business with Better Business Bureau, and we’ve maintained a 5-star rating on Google.

We offer our core aeration service as part of a wide variety of lawn care services; you can purchase a standalone core aeration or buy it as part of a comprehensive lawn care package. Our team is dedicated to helping you grow a healthier, thicker lawn. That’s why we offer aeration services in Winnipeg. We’ve provided lawn aeration Winnipeg homeowners love for over a decade. Call us for an estimate, and see how we can help you grow a beautiful, healthy lawn. 

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Our pricing varies depending on the size of your lawn, how frequently you need aeration, and other factors. 

By bundling our services into a comprehensive lawn care package, you can reduce the total cost of aeration. Our other services include power raking, fertilization, weed control, overseeding, topdressing, lawn mowing, and more. These services complement our aeration service. Bundling our lawn care services can save you money and dramatically improve the health and look of your lawn! 

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