Fall Cleanups In Winnipeg

Tired of raking leaves off your lawn every fall? Want to set your lawn up to thrive, even during the coldest winter months?

Our fall cleanup services are just the thing. We’ll collect and bag leaves and debris and get your lawn and flower beds ready for the winter. We also offer comprehensive fall cleanups, including lawn aeration, top dressing, and more! 

The Benefits of a Fall Cleanup

Our fall cleanup service sets your lawn up for success over the winter. You’ll save yourself the work of raking up thousands of leaves and cleaning out flower beds. We also offer a number of different services that can help your lawn withstand the cold, giving it the perfect start to the spring growing season. 

Cold-season grasses like the ones we have in Winnipeg don’t die in the winter; they simply go dormant. With our fall cleanup services, you can protect dormant grass from the worst effects of the cold and reduce the amount of cleanup you’ll need to do in the spring, helping your lawn thrive year-round. 

What Our Fall Cleanups Include

Our basic fall cleanup service includes all the basics you need to get your lawn ready for the winter months. With each fall cleanup, we:

  • Collect and bag leaves
  • Blow out flower beds, clearing them of debris and leaves
  • Give your lawn its final cut of the year
  • Put any debris and all the leaves we’ve collected out for the City to pick up

Yard cleanups in the fall will spare you a lot of work in the spring, and they leave your lawn in the best shape to survive the winter. 

Other Fall Cleanup Services

To complement our yard cleanups and the final mow of the season, we offer a variety of services to help your lawn thrive in the winter, giving it the best opportunity to grow healthy and strong when spring comes around:

Power Raking

Thatch buildup is generally at its highest during the fall. As part of our fall cleanup service, we can power rake to reduce the thatch layer, priming your lawn for better growth when spring arrives. 

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from your lawn. Aeration is a useful companion to our Winnipeg fall cleanup service; grass roots grow particularly quickly in the fall as they get ready for the cold winter months. Aeration gives roots better access to nutrients and water and more space to spread. 


Fertilizing feeds your grass the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy in the winter; it also gives your grass roots the resources they need to grow and spread before the colder months hit. Fall fertilizer is specifically designed for these purposes. We recommend fertilizing after aerating for maximum effect! 


Overseeding is the process of spreading new grass seed along your lawn. Fall is the best time to overseed in Winnipeg—the ground is still warm enough for growth, but there are fewer weeds and pests to attack seedlings. We recommend overseeding after aeration; it goes well with our basic fall cleanup service, too! 

Top Dressing

Top dressing a lawn means spreading a thin layer of nutrient-rich compost over top of it. Fall is the perfect time for top dressing; it provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs for the winter, helps decompose thatch, and offers a layer of insulation against the cold. We recommend top dressing after the final mow of the season. 

Why Choose All Around Property Maintenance

The team at All Around Property Maintenance has over a decade of experience providing lawn care services in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. In that time, we’ve become a top-rated company on Better Business Bureau and we’ve earned and maintained a 5-star rating on Google. 

We attribute our success to our customer service, our attention to detail, and our passion for lawn care. We’re a locally owned and operated company; we understand how Winnipeg’s climate affects lawn care. Everything from the services we offer to the fertilizer we use has been developed to give lawns in Winnipeg the best chance of thriving year-round.

Whether you need us to clean fallen leaves or spread fertilizer to help prepare your lawn for the coldest months, we can help. For fall cleanup Winnipeg residents and businesses can trust, choose All Around Property Maintenance. 

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The price for our fall cleanup services varies depending on a number of factors, including the size of your lawn and which services you choose. Pairing basic fall cleanups with other services like fertilizing and overseeding can help reduce the cost of each individual service. Contact us for more details on pricing. 

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After we’re done with our fall cleanup, you’ll notice a big difference: Your lawn, clear of leaves and perfectly mowed, will be prepped for the winter. With our other fall cleanup services, you’ll notice an even bigger difference in the spring. Your lawn will be ready to thrive. It will grow greener, lusher, and healthier, giving you a beautiful-looking lawn year-round. 

Interested in our fall cleanups? We offer them to both residential and commercial customers in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. We also offer year-round lawn care in Winnipeg. Make this year your lawn’s best year; contact All Around Property Maintenance today!