Landscaping In Winnipeg

Why Choose All Around Property Maintenance?

Our Winnipeg landscaping company offers comprehensive landscaping services, from landscape design to installing landscape features. You deserve to enjoy your dream yard; with All Around Property Maintenance, you can.

The team of landscaping experts at All Around Property Maintenance offers both commercial and residential landscaping services. We pride ourselves on our creative, hard-working, customer-centric approach to landscaping. 

Landscaping Services We Provide

Deck Building

You deserve to build your dream deck. We can help. We build high-quality, beautiful decks custom-designed to bring your dreams to life. We offer wooden decks, composite decks, and more, all integrated seamlessly into the overall design of your yard. 

Driveway Paving

Boost the curb appeal of your home, protect your vehicle, and make driving a more pleasant experience with our driveway paving service. Whether you want gravel, asphalt, or paving stones, we can build the perfect driveway for your needs. 

Excavation Services

Our excavating services include ditch digging, drainage installations, lot clearing, stump removal, soil removal for grading, and more. We can help excavate on both residential and commercial properties; tell us what you need to be excavated, and we’ll explain how we can help! 

 Fence Installation

The fencing experts at All Around Property Maintenance build wooden fences, chain link fences, pool fences, and more. Beautify your property, improve privacy, and keep your family safe with a stunning, custom-built fence. 

Patio Building

Create the perfect outdoor living space with a custom-built patio. We build stone patios, concrete patios, and more. Our designers can incorporate features like firepits, fountains, pergolas, and more on your patio—it’s the best way to spend more time outdoors with friends and family.  

Pergola Building

Pergolas are eye-catching structures with latticework roofs, designed to create a semi-shaded area while still allowing some sun through. We custom build and install pergolas; they offer an incredible focal point for yards, and can be added to patios to create a unique outdoor living space. 

Retaining Walls Construction

Retaining walls can be used to prevent erosion and stabilize landscaping features; they’re useful for any landscaping project where soil erosion is a concern. A custom-built retaining wall can also add a dramatic flair to your yard, giving you space to grow flowers, tall grasses, and other plants. 

Rock Bed & Boulder Installation

A rock garden can add a unique look to your yard; best of all, they don’t need to be watered, making them a low-maintenance option. Rock gardens can even include water features for a show-stopping focal point in your yard. We can design, select, and install rock beds, boulders, and rock gardens. 

Sod Installation

You deserve a beautiful, luscious lawn that grows green and healthy. With our sod installation services, you get healthy grass that’s designed to withstand Winnipeg’s hot summers and cold winters. Our sod is a perfect mix of bluegrass and other cool-season grasses. 

Tree Removal

Trees aren’t always a benefit; when their roots start to affect sewage lines or breach the foundation of your building, they can be a real nuisance. We can remove trees, trim branches, remove stumps, and more. 

Walkway Installation

Our walkway installation services make it easy to get the perfect walkway for your property. We can build a paving stone walkway, a gravel walkway, or a fully paved walkway—it’s all up to you. Our walkways are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to walk on. 

Yard Drainage

Drainage is an essential part of landscaping; without it, you risk water damage on your property. We can regrade your yard, install drains, install rain gardens, and take other measures to ensure that when rain falls you don’t need to worry about basement flooding or damp spots on your lawn. 

Yard Grading

Proper yard grading can help alleviate drainage issues and make it easier to install landscaping features like patios and walkways. Our team will ensure that your yard is perfectly sloped and graded, giving you an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space that won’t cause water damage. 

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Our landscaping team is ready to help you bring the yard of your dreams to life. For a free initial consultation, contact us today. You deserve a beautiful outdoor living space; we’re here to help make that a reality.